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The Cagliari Calcio Football Academy was created in 2014 to promote the development of youth soccer in Sardinia, strengthening the link between Cagliari Calcio and the territory. The project enables youth soccer players, aged 6 to 12, to develop their soccer skills while following the renowned Cagliari Calcio philosophy and values of the blue and red club. 

Cagliari shares the best training programs and methods with its affiliate clubs, offering constant opportunities for instructors and coaches to have conversations with the Cagliari staff, as well as inviting them to participate in meetings and seminars led by their highly qualified technical staff and educators, at the Cagliari Calcio Sports Center, to ensure the appropriate psycho-physical development of the young athletes.

The project has both a sport and social value, inspiring young players who aspire to become professionals while contributing to their overall growth by teaching values that go far beyond the world of the sport.

Throughout the season, Cagliari Academy welcomes more than 5,000+ kids throughout 41 academies open to players of all levels. Cagliari has also focused on providing the most talented youth players with a higher-level Academy program, hosting 3 Sport & Education Centers (Mazzo di Rho, Alghero, and Ogliastra), located in strategic areas to embrace the entire region. 

During its growth and expansion efforts, Cagliari Football Academy is committed to the following statements:

Cagliari Football Academy


To share the best training methodology through lectures tailored to affiliate staff members.

Cagliari Football Academy


To play a key role in the development of a children’s football and social needs.

Cagliari Football Academy


To increase the overall level and knowledge of athletes and coaches, following the Cagliari Calcio model.